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About us

The International Union of Photobiology (IUPB; formerly, the Association Internationale de Photobiologie, A.I.P.), the successor of the International Light Committee (Comité International de la Lumie`re, C.I.L.) and the International Photobiology Committee (Comité International de Photobiologie, C.I.P.) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1928 with the mission to stimulate scientific research and international collaboration in photobiological sciences.
Membership is open to international and national photobiology groups and to individuals from countries with no photobiology organizations.

Main activities of IUPB:

  • Sponsors the International Congress on Photobiology (ICP) every 4-5 years, bringing together leading research scientists in basic photobiological sciences and photomedicine
  • Selects awards presentations at the ICP by the Finsen lecturer and Edna Roe lecturer
  • Selects and awards the Finsen Medal in Photobiology presented at the ICP
  • Undertakes projects to advance photobiology research worldwide, including in developing countries
  • Provides useful information and links on this website to serve the photobiology community